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Appeal by Former Enron CEO Skilling Denied

Man Charged with Fraud Red Flagged

CA Court for Drug Addicts and Mentally Ill

Man Convicted of Murder, Proven Innocent

New York Police Officer Charged with Assault

Texas Death Sentences at Historic Low in 2008

Minnesota Man Charged with Assault

NYC Police Officers Indicted for Assault

Police Chief Indicted in Death of Boy at Gun Show

Michigan Parents Charged with Child Abuse

Los Angeles Lawyer Convicted of Conspiracy

Criminals Seek Pardons from the President

KKK to Pay $2.5M for Assault and Battery

Identity Theft Warning from State Department

Child in St. Johns, Arizona Charged With Murder

Former NY Governor Escapes Criminal Charges

Governor Cleared of Corruption Allegations

Former Atlanta Cop Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

Former Sheriff Charged with Corruption

Man Critically Wounded by California Police

Death in LAPD Prison Cell Questioned

Fingerprint Errors Lead to False Arrests

O.J. Simpson Seeks New Trial

Americans Say No to Mandatory Minimums

O.J. Simpson Convicted of Armed Robbery and Kidnapping

Animal Cruelty Case May go to Retrial

California Mom Gets Probation

Rape Conviction Overturned After 25 Years Spent Behind Bars

O.J. Simpson: Jury Selection for His Kidnapping/Robbery Trial Begins

Judges: Man Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

State of MS Underfunded for DNA Testing

Missouri Man Wants More Compensation for Wrongful Conviction

Family Says Teen Falsely Accused

Chicago Victim Waits for Name to be Cleared

Wrongly Accused Victim to Get More Money

Child Care Provider Wrongly Accused

Civil Suit Against Denver Police

Good Deed Gone Wrong in MN

Wrongful Arrest Suit Settled for $100,000

$100M Suit Filed Against City of Chattanooga

Charges Dropped Against Family Arrested

$1.75M Settlement Reached in Case Against LA

Grandma Files Suit for False Prostitution Arrest

Stricter Sex Law Rejected in NJ

Elected SF Official Falsely Accused

WV Man Claims He Was Wrongly Accused

Michigan Man Released After Five Year Imprisonment

Racial Profiling Blamed for Wrongful Arrest

Dallas Man Cleared of Convictions

Texas Takes Steps to Restore Justice

Prisoner Released in IL After DNA Proves Innocence

Wrongful Conviction Law Introduced in FL

Woman Wrongly Accused in Canton

Law Upheld on Child Pornography

Wrongly Accused Man Spent 40 Days in Jail

Inmates Encourage Change in TX

U.S. Has Highest Number of Prisoners

Hit and Run Lawsuit in Question

Homicide Charges Filed in Prayer Healing Case

Supreme Court: Injection Method Not Unconstitutional

City Sued Over Pay for Court-Appointed Defense Lawyers

Jury Acquits Bourbon St. Bouncer in Manslaughter Case

FL Bill Wants to Make Video Voyeurism a Felony

Texan Claims Snake Vodka a Healing Tonic

Judge Grants Inmate’s Request for Public Records

Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction

Defense Prepares Psychiatric Defense for 'Preppy Killer'

Sex Offender Registration Mandated for Tongue Kissing a Minor

New Cocaine Sentencing Guidelines Take Effect

1 in 100 Americans Behind Bars

New Hampshire Legislators Take Up Drug Law

Feb 19, 2008
NYC Jail Denies Inmates Sweets

Plastic Surgeon Sentenced for Removing Fingerprints

Va. House Passes Harsh DUI Legislation

Online Criminal Records Stir Controversy

Harsher Penalties Proposed for Assault Weapons Crimes

Jury: Deadly Accident a Tragedy, Not a Crime

Gov. Takes New Approach to Garner Support for DUI Bill

Panty Thief Faces Jail Time

Man Convicted of Gruesome Murder Freed on DNA Evidence

Man Acquitted of Assault Sues City

Washington Legislators Target Gangs

Dallas Leads Country in Wrongful Convictions

New Jersey Bans Internet Use by Sex Offenders

Christmas Plans Rush Jurors to Conviction

Jury Awards Couple $15.5 Million for False Arrest

Miami Program Gives Some A Second Chance

Sheriff Hopes Pink Chain Gang Will Deter DUIs

NJ Governor To Sign Law Abolishing Death Penalty

19,500 Convicted Crack Offenders Await Commission Decision

Nation’s Busiest Crime Lab Reviewed after Mistakes

Nonviolent Felons Must Submit DNA

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