Panty Thief Faces Jail Time

Panty Thief Faces Jail Time

A man who stole over 1,600 bras, panties, and other women’s undergarments is facing 45 days in jail, according to Whitman County Superior Court officials.

93 Pounds of Undergarments

Garth Flaherty, 24, was arrested in March 2007 after the police were notified about a man hanging out in the laundry room of an apartment complex. Police found 93 pounds—five garbage bags’ worth—of women’s undergarments in Flaherty’s room.

At least a dozen other reports of panty thefts had been reported in the area prior to Flaherty’s arrest.

Plea Bargain

He pleaded guilty to first-degree theft and burglary charges and was sentenced to a month and a half in jail, 30 days of which may be served as community service.

(Source: Associated Press)

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