WV Man Claims He Was Wrongly Accused

WV Man Claims He Was Wrongly Accused

A man living in Jefferson County, West Virginia, has filed a suit against Wal-Mart and members of the police department claiming he was wrongly accused of having child pornography.

The suit claims the accusations were far from the truth and extremely damaging to his reputation.

Man Prints Pictures and Stands Accused

Sam Bellotte reportedly went to a local Wal-Mart to develop pictures as one of the self-service booths.

When he was done, he placed the photos in the envelope and attempted to pay; however, the assistant manager told him they needed to see the pictures before he could pay.

According to the suit, “Bellotte informed the Wal-Mart personnel that they were nude pictures and shouldn’t be shared.”

Agreement to Shred Pictures Broken

He then handed over the photos to the staff, who agreed to shred the pictures and he left thinking the pictures had been discarded.

However, management at Wal-Mart reportedly viewed the photos before shredding them and began a thorough background check on Bellotte.

They reportedly obtained his debit and credit card information, and informed the police who searched his house.

After Bellotte was searched and called a “child pornographer” in front of his family, the police let him go stating he was innocent of any charges.

Bellotte is now seeking compensation for the emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation he endured during this time.

(Source: The West Virginia Record)

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