Homicide Charges Filed in Prayer Healing Case

Homicide Charges Filed in Prayer Healing Case

The parents of a young girl who died of undiagnosed diabetes have been charged in Wisconsin with second-degree reckless homicide, a crime which carries up to 25 years in prison.

Parents Relied on Prayer

Dale and Leilani Neumann have agreed to appear in court this week for the death of their 11-year-old daughter, Madeline. The parents are accused of failing to seek medical treatment for Madeline’s illness, opting instead to pray for her health.

“We just thought it was a spiritual attack and we prayed for her. My husband Dale was crying and mentioned taking [Madeline] to the doctor and I said, ‘The Lord’s going to heal her,’ and we continued to pray,” Leilani Neumann wrote in a statement.

An autopsy revealed that Madeline had diabetic ketoacidosis, symptoms of which likely appeared months before her death. Her mother said they never considered taking Madeline to the doctor.

Criminal Charges

Both Dale and Leilani Neumann face up to 25 years if convicted on the charges filed against them. Similar charges were filed against a couple in Oregon last month when their toddler died from a treatable form of pneumonia and blood infection.

(Source: Associated Press)

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