Chicago Criminal Law Lawyer

Chicago Metro Area

Chicago Criminal Lawyers

For years our attorneys have been providing aggressive, professional representation to those who have been charged with crimes in the Chicago area. We have extensive experience defending our clients in litigation proceedings:

  • At both the State and Federal level
  • For both misdemeanor and felony charges

Our premier Chicago criminal defense team is dedicated to defending clients who have been charged with:

  • White collar crimes, such as tax fraud, ethics violations, identity theft and public corruption
  • Sex crimes, including child porn, sexual assault and Internet sex crimes
  • Drug trafficking, particularly when immigration, deportation and jurisdiction issues play a role in the case
  • DUI, including when suspended licenses and third offenses are factors in the case

Our Experience: How We Can Help You

At our law office, we are dedicated to helping our clients:

  • Get through the legal process with as little hassle as possible
  • Get their charges reduced or, if possible, dropped altogether
  • Receive minimal punishments, if they are convicted

We provided our superior representation in a variety of legal proceedings, including (but not limited to):

  • arraignments
  • bail hearings
  • grand jury proceedings
  • trial
  • parole violation hearings

If you or loved on has recently been charged with a crime, contact us today to discuss the circumstances of your case.