DUI Counseling

DUI Counseling

Drving Under the Influence Counseling

DUI counseling may be required by the court as part of a sentence, or a judge may assign DUI counseling as a requirement for the defendant to receive a diversion. A number of different DUI counseling programs exist, from intensive private sessions with a psychiatrist, to more informal group formatted DUI counseling.

Drunk driving is a destructive form of behavior that many psychological experts who specialize in DUI counseling consider a sign of other underlying problems. Individuals charged with driving drunk may find a DUI counseling session very useful in identifying and treating other problems, such as depression or alcoholism. A DUI counseling experience may consist of only one visit, but many individuals will find that they require DUI counseling over an extended period of time.

The individual being treated will meet with the DUI counseling professional and discuss the relationship with alcohol, and the inherent risks in drinking and driving. DUI counseling focuses on helping the individual recognize problems and make behavioral modifications. Persons undergoing DUI counseling learn to understand why they drink and acquire skills to change their drinking behaviors.

DUI counseling may be an excellent tool to help those accused of drinking and driving. Willingness to use DUI counseling often allows the judge to see that the defendant intends to correct irresponsible behaviors. DUI counseling can help defendants avoid more serious sentences, and greatly reduce the risk of repeat arrests.

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