DUI Insurance

DUI Insurance

Drving Under the Influence Insurance

DUI insurance companies specialize in finding insurance for drivers with drunk driving convictions. Most companies offer special DUI insurance rates that are much higher than normal. Many premium insurers do not have a rate for "DUI insurance" because they refuse to carry drivers who have DUI convictions on their records. Getting DUI insurance often means paying higher rates, but maintaining coverage prevents the suspension of driving privileges, and DUI insurance is a temporary situation; once the driving record is cleared, drivers can purchase regular insurance.

DUI insurance requires that the insurance company file paperwork with the DMV to remove your suspension; DUI insurance companies must provide proof of sufficient coverage for the suspension to be lifted. If your DUI insurance lapses, the insurer is also required to inform the DMV.

DUI insurance may be purchased as the sole method of insurance, or a minimum liability coverage DUI insurance policy may be used to meet the requirements to lift the suspension. Some drivers purchase DUI insurance exclusively to have the suspension removed, and maintain their regular policy. This allows the driver to meet DUI insurance requirements without informing their premium company. While the premium company may never discover the conviction, DUI insurance is best purchased from a company specializing in providing this method of coverage.

Purchasing a DUI insurance policy can seem complicated at first, but an attorney specializing in DUI law can explain DUI insurance and assist in locating a company that suits the needs of convicted DUI drivers.

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