DUI Rights

DUI Rights

Driving Under the Influence Rights

DUI rights are frequently overlooked these days; we are at a time and place where our society's DUI rights are considered practically non-existent. However, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in court, and DUI rights should continue to be exercised and protected.

One of the most basic DUI rights is the right to an attorney. Very frequently, the police will not acknowledge such DUI rights as the right to an attorney, the protection against unlawful search and seizure, etc. These DUI rights have been changed somewhat by public pressure, but they still exist. For those accused of drunken driving, DUI rights may prevent embarrassing social and economic consequences. Understanding and insisting upon exercising your DUI rights increase your chances for a fair trial.

Explain to the police that you know your DUI rights; you may refuse a handheld Breathalyzer, you may refuse the field sobriety test. Your DUI rights allow you to refuse to answer any questions, including the amount of alcohol you have consumed. DUI rights do not allow you to refuse to identify yourself, however, and the DUI rights allowing you to decline field-testing to not extend to the jailhouse. Exercise your DUI rights once booked and use your phone call to contact a trusted loved one or an attorney.

DUI rights are designed to prevent you from being railroaded into accepting false charges. To discuss your DUI rights further, you may want to contact an attorney who is qualified in this field.

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