DUI School

DUI School

Drving Under the Influence School

DUI school is often ordered by the court for persons convicted of driving drunk. By completing DUI school, individuals can often avoid having points added to their drivers' licenses and have reduced penalties. DUI school is usually a daylong class or a series of shorter classes; depending upon the charges, a DUI school may require 12 hours of instruction or more.

The specific requirements and program of each DUI school often vary depending upon the jurisdiction and circumstances surrounding the case. For instance, DUI school for a first-time offender without extenuating circumstances is not as intense as classes in a DUI school for felony DUI or for a person who has had multiple DUI arrests. Costs for DUI school are usually related to the severity of the charges and the intensity of the school. DUI school fees can save the accused a great deal on insurance fees, however, and many DUI schools are willing to make payment plans or offer sliding scales for low-income students.

While a DUI school can help persons accused of drunk driving to receive a diversion or otherwise lessened sentence, DUI schools are not the magic cure for legal problems stemming from driving under the influence. A DUI school is a learning opportunity, not an escape route, and most states only allow individuals to attend DUI school for a certain number of times before that resource is no longer considered available. DUI school can be a very valuable experience for persons convicted of a DUI; find out if DUI school is appropriate for you by discussing it with an attorney familiar with DUI laws.

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