DUI Statistics - Driving Under the Influence Statistic

DUI Statistics - Driving Under the Influence Statistic

DUI statistics are collected by many organizations for a wide array of purposes; some organizations use their DUI statistics to drum up political support and funding for public safety measures, while other DUI statistics are intended for purely scientific purposes.

Regardless, the facts presented by DUI statistics rank driving while intoxicated as one of the top causes of violent deaths in America. DUI statistics also indicate that approximately one-third of those arrested for DUI are repeat offenders. DUI statistics from a Gallup poll show a plurality of Americans consider DUIs the major highway safety problem; DUI statistics from similar polls indicate that many people support stronger penalties for persons convicted of drunk-driving.

DUI statistics paint a frightening picture of the dangers of drinking and driving, but many of these DUI statistics also reveal the potential for social stigmatization for those accused of DUI. According to DUI statistics, the public takes this problem very seriously, calling for tougher penalties and lower limits. DUI statistics reveal that the social stigmatization for those charged with driving while intoxicated is very real.

DUI statistics show a society determined to fight the dangers of drunk driving, but at the same time, DUI statistics that show the number of persons wrongly convicted are difficult to find. An experienced DUI attorney can help you understand the DUI statistics and how they apply to you.

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