DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney

If you are facing drunk driving charges, finding the best DUI attorney available should become your top priority. DUI law can be very complicated, and a skilled DUI attorney will know how to take advantage of protections for the defendant that exist in the legal process. The earlier in the process you retain a DUI attorney, the better your chances for an optimal outcome generally are.

A major mistake made by persons who do not hire DUI attorneys is to plead guilty or no contest. While in the past this practice was recommended by DUI attorneys, the consequences for entering a guilty or even a no contest plea are now much higher. Most DUI attorneys will encourage their clients to fight the charges, and in many cases the prosecutor may reduce or even drop charges when countered by a skilled DUI attorney.

While the best case scenario is to have the charges dropped prior to going to trial, if you must go to court for a DUI charge it is critical to have a DUI attorney with experience in these types of cases. There are a number of serious problems with the methods and machines used to determine whether a driver is over the legal alcohol limit. DUI attorneys make it a point to remain current on all of the information regarding breathalyzers, blood tests, and field sobriety tests. Some DUI attorneys actually take the same training courses required for the police and can help the jury to understand the ways in which these tests are unreliable.

DUI attorneys often focus their practice on this type of law, and can offer a great deal in the way of experience and technical knowledge. Consulting a DUI attorney as soon as possible after being charged can help you to retain your license, avoid stiff fines and jail time, and potentially have the charges dropped entirely. If you or someone you love is accused of drunk driving, contact a DUI attorney immediately to learn about your legal rights.

To speak directly with a DUI attorney contact us and make sure your DUI case is dealing with the complexities that a DUI case can present.

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