DUI Crashes

DUI Crashes

DUI crashes can be devastating for all those involved. DUI crashes that cause personal injury or property damage can have catastrophic consequences for all those affected by the accident. DUI crashes are motor vehicle accidents that involve one or more parties driving under the influence. The party responsible for DUI crashes can face extensive criminal and civil penalties for their crimes and the losses incurred as a result of a DUI related accident.

According to government transportation statistics, DUI crashes account for forty percent of all fatal vehicle accident cases every year. Of all vehicle accidents that result in injury annually in the United States, one in ten will involve alcohol. DUI crashes killed nearly 17,500 people in 2002 alone, and injured thousands more. DUI crashes are one of the most serious threats to public safety on the road.

When a person is responsible for DUI crashes, they will undoubtedly face criminal and civil litigation against them. Criminal penalties for DUI crashes are much harsher than the penalties for DUI offenses that do not involve an accident. DUI crashes that result in personal injury or extensive property damage can result in felony charges brought against the defendant. People who are charged with a DUI felony can face incarceration, heavy fines, and numerous other penalties. Persons who face criminal litigation for DUI crashes benefit tremendously from retaining the services of an experienced and highly knowledgeable DUI defense attorney.

In addition to criminal litigation for DUI crashes, people who are responsible for DUI crashes may also face civil litigation. Civil litigation for DUI crashes is pursued by people in the accident who suffered damages. Victims of DUI crashes can seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, disability, property damage, psychological suffering and more.

In addition to civil and criminal cases, the person responsible for DUI crashes will also face department of motor vehicle sanctions. The department of motor vehicles can penalize those responsible for DUI crashes by restricting, suspending, or revoking their license for a certain period of time or permanently. The department of motor vehicles may also impound a vehicle or mandate that interlocking devices be installed in a person's vehicle to prevent them from being able to operate a motor vehicle without first passing a breath test.

After DUI crashes, offenders will often have to attend DUI classes, drug and alcohol education or therapy, and/or remain on probation for a certain number of years. During probation, the DUI crashes offender will be subject to a number of restrictions and terms that, if violated, will result in additional penalties. DUI crashes cases are unique and complex. who can assess your case and protect and maximize your legal interests.

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