DUI - Driving Under the Influence

DUI - Driving Under the Influence

DUIs are America's most common crimes, and DUIs are the nation's worst frequently committed violent crime. Accused drunk drivers are immediately charged with a crime, so a DUI is one the leading criminal infractions of all reported cases. In every state a DUI is a very serious crime, and becoming convicted of a DUI has serious consequences. A DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol and/or certain drugs. Being under the influence impairs your ability to be able to safely operate vehicles.

When stopped for a possible DUI there are a variety of tests that have been developed to see if in fact a DUI crime has been committed. Most states classify a DUI as having a blood alcohol level greater than 0.10, but some states have lowered the DUI standard to 0.08. It is argued that even if someone's blood alcohol level is below the classified 0.10 a DUI can still be issued because that individual was still too intoxicated to safely operate the vehicle. Some people would like to see the laws lowered to classify a DUI as having a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more a crime nationwide.

A DUI is no different than a DWI, driving while intoxicated, it is simply the two varying terms states use to refer to drunk driving. When stopped for a suspected DUI, police will most likely ask the driver to take a DUI test. Refusing to take a DUI test has penalties in every state. To make sure your legal rights regarding a DUI are protected contact us to assure you receive knowledgeable legal counsel. Many states suspend the driver's license if DUI testing is refused despite if the individual is guilty of a DUI or not.

The DUI statute, depending on the state the incident occurred in, will determine the severity of the DUI punishment. For a first-time DUI offender that is convicted of the DUI, there is usually a fine, minimum imprisonment, and driver's license suspension. By hiring an expert DUI attorney the defendant's punishment can be decreased depending on certain conditions.

While a DUI case is the most encountered offense in courts, a DUI is often difficult to defend. Over the years DUI laws have become stricter with fewer exceptions. In addition, devices to test blood alcohol to assess DUIs have become more sophisticated and more accurate. DUI testing sophistication has also made defending DUIs more complex as a result. DUI testing machines are subject to error, but a DUI attorney has to be able to show that the particular DUI testing device may have exhibited some type of weakness.

To speak directly with a DUI attorney contact us and make sure your DUI case is dealing with the complexities that a DUI case can present.

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