Legal Help for DWI

Legal Help for DWI

Legal help for DWI charges is obtained by securing the professional services of an attorney who has experience in defending people charged with DWI. A DWI is the crime of "Driving While Intoxicated" known in some jurisdictions as "Driving Under the Influence" or DUI. A person may need legal help for DWI when they are charged with operating a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or any other vehicle while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

The laws governing DWI offenses vary by state and circumstances. In most states a person can be charged with DWI if they are found operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above 0.08 percent. Most states have zero tolerance statutes that make it a DWI criminal offense for a minor to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of any amount of drugs or alcohol. A person's DWI status is determined by field sobriety tests conducted by peace officers and through chemical testing of blood, breath or urine.

Legal help for DWI charges will investigate the circumstances of a defendant's arrest to ensure that the person's rights were not violated. There is a certain protocol that police officers must adhere to in order for a DWI arrest to be lawful. Legal help for DWI offenders will also evaluate how a person's BAC or DWI state was determined. There are cases where the method of chemical testing can be deemed unreliable or inadmissible in a court of law.

There are certain circumstances under which the penalties for DWI are enhanced. Most states have implied consent laws which require that a person submit to BAC chemical testing as requested by law enforcement. DWI penalties can be greater in cases where a person refused chemical testing. Other situations that may lead to an enhancement of DWI penalties may include:

    • DWI at excessive speeds
    • DWI with a child in the car
    • DWI with an excessive BAC
    • DWI when injury or property damage is caused
    • DWI with prior DWI offenses, and other specific circumstances.

Legal help for DWI offenders can build a strong case for a defendant in light of these extenuating circumstances.

Legal help for DWI offenders will protect and maximize the legal interests of the defendant throughout the entire DWI legal process. Legal help for DWI defendants can be crucial during the arrest, the criminal trial, the sentencing, the penalty period, the DMV hearings and penalties, probation, and beyond. Legal help for DWI defendants will try to get the charges reduced or dropped by presenting the strongest case possible to the DWI judge or jury.

Legal help for DWI defendants can be crucial in protecting and maximizing their legal interests. Persons convicted of DWI may face incarceration, fines, community service requirements, compulsory DWI school, drug or alcohol treatment programs, probation, restricted or revoked driving privileges, and more.

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