Criminal Law Terms

Criminal Law Terms

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Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property
Receiving and concealing stolen property charges that a person or persons bought, received, possessed or concealed money, goods, or property. Receiving and concealing stolen property can only be proven if the individual charged knew that the property was illegally obtained. Receiving and concealing stolen property is generally defined at various levels ranging from a misdemeanor to felony; to classify receiving and concealing stolen property, one must take into account previous convictions and the value of the property, among other factors.

Retail Fraud
Retail fraud involves the theft of merchandise, including price switching or attempting to obtain a fraudulent refund. Retail fraud is a crime of theft, requiring proof that the item was intentionally stolen; committing retail fraud can lead to a felony conviction of up to five year's imprisonment. Persons convicted of retail fraud can also be subjected to civil penalties demanded by the store in question. Retail fraud penalties can include the full price of the property and civil damages.

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