Sex With a Minor

Sex With a Minor

Sex crime accusations can be extremely damaging to a person's reputation, especially when the charges involve having sexual contact with a minor. Sex with a minor can result in different charges, including statutory rape, child molestation , and sexual assault . All of these charges—if they result in a conviction—carry strict consequences such as imprisonment and mandatory sex offender registration.

If you or someone you know has been accused of having sex with a minor, obtaining the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is crucial to fighting the charges. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with a skilled criminal defense attorney near you.

What are the consequences of a conviction?

Individuals who are convicted on charges of sex with a minor may face a variety of penalties including:

  • Imprisonment
  • Probation/parole
  • Mandatory sex offender registration
  • Heavy fines
  • Compulsory counseling

The consequences of a sex with a minor conviction vary according to state and often depend on the exact nature of the crime as well as the defendant's prior criminal history.

Planning Your Legal Defense

Your legal defense will determine the outcome of your case. If it's strong, the better your chances of obtaining an optimal case outcome. A skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action—whether that means negotiating with prosecutors or taking your case to trial.

For instance, in some cases, prosecuting attorneys may be open to negotiation and your defense attorney may be able to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. In cases where negotiation is not possible or not in your best interest, your attorney can defend you at trial and ensure your side of the story is heard.

If you've been accused of having sex with a minor, don't sacrifice your rights or freedom. Contact us today to speak with an attorney who knows the criminal justice system inside and out and who can ensure you receive the best defense possible.

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