Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges can have a potentially devastating impact on your future—particularly when they result in a conviction. In states throughout the United States, sex crimes carry strict penalties such as imprisonment, restitution to the victims, and mandatory sex offender registration, among other things. Because the penalties are so great, individuals accused of sexual assault or similar crime should always consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney to determine the most solid legal defense.

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Sexual Assault Defined

Sexual assault is generally defined as any sexual activity—including intercourse, penetration, touching, etc.—that is nonconsensual . Sexual assault charges may also be filed in instances where the victim was unconscious or otherwise unable to give consent (for example, intoxicated or mentally disabled), or in cases where the defendant held a position of authority over the alleged victim.

Sexual Assault & Its Consequences

Society's outlook on sexual crimes, as well as the media hype which usually surrounds such crimes, has contributed to the serious penalties and punishments a defendant may face. The accused may face severe damage to their personal, professional and social life. The consequences of a sexual assault conviction can include:

•  Prison sentence

•  Financial restitution to the victim

•  Probation/parole

•  Court ordered counseling

•  Sex offender registration

•  AIDS/STD testing

A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help individuals who have been accused of sexual assault obtain an optimal outcome for their case. Sometimes this involves negotiating with prosecutors to have the charges reduced or dismissed, and sometimes it involves taking the case to trial or filing motions for appeal.

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual assault, contact us today for a FREE consultation with an experienced attorney who can inform you of your legal rights and options, and who can help you start planning your defense!

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