Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

The broad category of sex crimes includes a number of accusations—including rape, sexual assault, prostitution, indecent exposure, child molestation and other acts of criminal sexual conduct. Criminal sexual conduct is often classified by “degrees” of seriousness, with specific classifications varying by state; first-degree criminal sexual conduct usually carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Due to the social stigma of sex crimes and potentially severe sentencing, the defense of a criminal sexual conduct case can become extremely complicated. The stakes are high for the defendant in a sex crimes case because of the nature of the accusations and the societal tendency to assume guilt. Criminal sexual conduct trials usually receive an enormous amount of media attention. Even if the defendant is acquitted, the allegations of committing a sex crime can severely damage personal and social relations.

For those found guilty of sex crimes, prison terms tend to be strict. After release from prison, most states require sex crime offenders to register with a nation sex offender registry . This database contains personal information about those convicted of a sex crime, including their personal characteristics, the crime, there current home and work addresses, and usually a photo. While this registry is intended to notify communities about the sex crime offenders in their area, it can have a dangerous affect on offenders who may become ostracized or targets of retaliatory crime.

Because sex crimes are so serious, it is important to seek counsel from a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney soon after the accusations have been made. A sex crimes defense attorney can help minimize the amount of damage done to the accused, possibly lower the criminal charges, and organize the best method of defense to use during the trial. Contact a qualified attorney in your area to learn more about sex crime laws specific to your state or circumstances.

To gain a better understanding of sex crimes, you can explore this section in greater detail. In addition to general information about sex crime offenses, you can also access information about age of consent laws, pedophile issues, and sex offenders.

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